The EagleEyes Project helps people with severe physical disabilities develop and be educated to their fullest by enabling them to access the computer

Buy, sell, donate Assistive Technology equipment

Inexpensive, gently used walkers and wheelchairs

Access your iPad or iPhone with a switch

Non-biased info on Assistive Technology equipment



Search for special iPhone, iPad and Android apps (THIS SITE TAKES A LONG TIME TO LOAD BUT IT'S WORTH THE WAIT!)


Organizations and Services

Joni and Friends International Disability Center

Assistive Technology Finance Loan Programs

Special needs hardware, software and organizations

A community enhancing the availability of Assistive Technology devices

Life Without Limbs



The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) home page allows you to begin your search by selecting your state and then the specific type of service you need. This search feature is located half way down and on the right hand side of their home page.

The American Foundation for the Blind alphabetized Directory of Services

The New England Consortium for Deafblind Technical Assistance And Training


Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A comprehensive list of organizations for Children and Adults who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing from theLaurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center


Know Your Rights!

The Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA Amendments Act of 2008

What families with students should know about The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act



Beloved Music Can Renew Lives Lost to Dementia

Assistive Technology for people with dementia



Association of Locked-In Syndrome (This site takes a long time to load, but is worth the wait. The English translation is on the site's lower right)




How Professor Jim Gips developed the EagleEyes technology, which is transforming the lives of children with severe disabilities.

Alive Inside.  A documentary demonstrating music’s ability to combat memory loss and restore a deep sense of self to those suffering from it.

Life Without Limbs with Nick Vujicic.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.  The film of journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby. It describes what his life is like after suffering a massive stroke that left him with locked-in syndrome. It also details what his life was like before the stroke.

Ted Talk featuring Amy Purdy who became a professional snowboarder despite losing both her legs to meningitis.